Music Soothes the Soul

Music to soothe the soul. We generally listen to music a different times. On our way to work, on our way home, and during festive occasions like going to the movies. Of course there are other times as well, but these are the ones I find myself in the majority of the time. It can help me set my tone for the day depending on what kind of mood I am in. It is almost subconscious. If I really kept track of how I was feeling and what I was listening to, I would probably find that they are pretty synonymous. Dark and gloomy days find myself listening to music that is also dark. On a bright and sunny day, I might find myself listening to something more upbeat. The same goes for the movies I watch. Since darker films have gloomier soundtracks, if I am in that mood that is the direction I go.

natural born killers gloomy

If I actually took the time to chart these findings, they would probably prove pretty interesting. But what about the times we’re not really thinking about it. The company I work for has piped-in music through the ceiling that is surprisingly modern. Even if I am having a bad day when one of the more cheerful songs comes on, I can find myself tapping along, and feeling a little bit better. We even have one game we play at the workplace where we insert lyrics from the song that is playing into our conversations to see if anyone notices. It has been known to bring a smile or two what a stressful day. I’ve also found myself taking a break and listen to something that inspires me to continue through the day, or helps me to relate to something that is going on. It’s amazing how powerful this type of tool is in shaping our experiences.

music in the workplace

We feel like the artist can relate to how we are feeling and shares in our joy and sorrow. I believe when they write for film, they use the same idea. It is kind of a connective piece that comes right through our phone or music player or movie screen. We can share movies with our favorite musicians in a way. And that brings us to the most epic of all experiences, which is seeing our favorite artist live. There’s nothing like seeing them in person and feeling the music as it’s coming out of their mouths. As time goes on, I don’t care how expensive concerts get, it is an experience I will not trade for the world.

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